Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cutest Family Ever!!

Bragging Blog Update!!

Just wanted to post our cute family pics we had taken. Its fun to get all dressed and styled but it makes my kids look too old too fast.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Living the Future

How did the year 2010 get here? I remember reading about what the future would be like. There would be robots and flying cars and moving sidewalks. We kind of have those things, they are all at the airport. Sometimes I feel like I am flying to fast into the future. I was trying to explain to Codie what things were like when i was little and it sounded like I was a hundred years old. I wish some things were still that simple. We just need to eliminate things that take up our time and use our time for the most important people.
Each year we all try to start out better and its a good thing to do. I like to say "don't quit quitting". It hurts my ears grammatically but it reminds me to keep trying even if it is the nine hundredth time. Here's to January!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

He is 6!

Carson is six years old today!
He loves going to kindergarten. He goofs off a little too much for his teacher but he likes her a lot. He loves cars and trucks and wants to drive tractors and diggers and dumptrucks. He has fallen into his mom's ways of loving crab to eat. I tried to buy imitation Krab, he was not impressed. He loves camping and riding the four-wheeler. Dirt is his constant companion. He is very polite. Sweet to his little sister and a stinker to his big sister!?! Likes to do his own hair. Adores his dad, especially when its time to go to the Jazz games together. I really have let too much time go by before realizing just how big he is.
Love that crazy "Rebel".

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My summer (a review)

So we had a great summer!
We had family from everywhere come home to visit.
Trips and parades and fun for everyone.
Here is the short version...

Callie and Carson whoopin it up at the fair.

Happy Day at the pool

Callie and Kenlee, so flippin cute!

Oh she loves parades, just like her mama!

Ma and Pa on the Bear Lake Beach
Carson at Liberty Park on Pioneer Day

Emily and Scott on their wedding day!

Grandparents love these kids

All the pretty girls!

4th of July

Another good day at the pool

Syracuse Days Parade
Sunset at Emily's Shower

Emily's hot mumu!

Good Morning Halls Family! (Campout)


Callie is fashion forward at least one season.

Our stop in Vegas

San Diego has the best Sand


Scott is manly! He made Fire!!!

Jared and the girls ridin the tractor

Carson graduated preschool

Callie can see the future

Happy Birthday Callie!!!
These events were out of order but then again who says my life is ever IN order!
We are greatful for the great times we had with all our great family and friends.
Now we sleep.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weekend Trip

I love this picture for so many reasons! It is funny for sure. Callie just kept sticking her head into the sand and laughing at everyone.

The other reason why I love it is because it is in Bear Lake. We have such good times, when we go there. We sit by the water and snack and dig. We usually get a little too much sun. Then we camp and eat lots of sugar.

We just got back from there this weekend for a fun filled family retreat. We counted 15 little families with a total of 50 people eating dinner together on Sunday. It was a lot of fun and our kids had a great time hanging out with cousins and other family. The best part for me was that there were FIREWORKS!!! We happened to be there for Raspberry Days and got into town just in time to sit at the park and let the kids play until the show began. Callie covers her face like Faye Ray in the king kong movie and says "scary". Then she peeks and says what color they are. Soon she was saying "pretty" and "sparkly" and we knew she was a fan of the fireworks.

Good Summer times!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year!!!

It's coming! I love the 4th of July better than Christmas. (mostly because it is warm)

I love the parades, which now for some reason make me cry as I watch the flag being presented and the sirens following behind.

I love watching my kids wave at the people on the floats that they like.

I love sitting on a blanket eating sugary pop tarts and other non healthy breakfast items while we wait for the parade to begin.

I love eating warm taffy and tootsie rolls while we wait for parade traffic to thin out.

I love the "thank you" that I get for taking my kids to something that didn't cost me a thing.

I love the crappy carnival in the park.( Even though Chet hates it.)

I love seeing the cute family singing on the stage.

I love to see and visit everyone I run into. (The kids don't love that part.)

I love to eat random items from four different booths and still have room for a slushy.

I love getting the perfect spot to watch fireworks.

I love hanging out with my family playing games on the blanket.

I love the energy and excitement of the the first boom that makes everyone drop to the ground and stare up to the sky!

I love the Fireworks Finale!!!

I love the freedom we have to enjoy and I love the men and women who risk and give their lives for us all.

Please, God bless America.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is a fun family pose that i found in my file. Usually the frog rock is huge and the people are small, but we found this one and everyone is smiling because they are not falling down the ditch trying to stand up. Fun day at the park!

This is the hard one to pose by for some reason. And no picture perfect smiles either. Still Cute!
Goodnight Ash!